Cancelation Policy

  • Customers will receive a full refund or credit with 24 hours notice of cancellation. Contact us by phone to cancel or inquire about a cancellation.
  • No-shows will be charged the full price.

Terms and Conditions of Play

  •  The participant will follow all instructions and directions from Laserscape staff.
  • All participants are required to wear long trousers and fully covered shoes to be allowed to
    participate at Laserscape.
  • The participant will remain in the area of Laserscape property, expressly designated by the
    Laserscape staff member.
  • Laserscape is a non-contact combat game. The participant shall not throw or propel any article at, or
    engage in any physical contact with any other participant.
  • The Laserscape property is a natural environment and I accept the risks of loss or injury from vermin
    or wild flora and fauna, including but not limited to snake bite, insect or spider bite, plant rash or
    allergy. I hereby release Laserscape from any liability for any loss or injury that may occur from any
    such incident.
  •  No valuable items will be brought into the play area and any items of value should be placed in a
    locked motor vehicle in the designated parking area. Laserscape will not be responsible for any loss
    of or damage to any property of any person at the Laserscape premises. This extends to any motor
    vehicles located on the property.
  • All Laserscape equipment must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions that will
    be explained to all participants prior to commencement of activities.
  • Participants shall not damage any Laserscape equipment or property and I accept that I may be held
    legally and financially responsible for any damage caused by any participant named on this release.
  • Participants accept that only emergency minor first aid can be provided at Laserscape and give permission for
    such treatment to be administered. I agree that Laserscape is not legally or financially responsible
    for transportation to or, provision of, any medical services to any participan.
  • Participants will inform Laserscape if any participant is suffering any medical or other condition that may affect
    their capacity to engage in activities at Laserscape. I accept that at the sole discretion of Laserscape
    the participant’s involvement in activities may be refused. I otherwise confirm the participant is not
    suffering any illness or injury.
  • Participants voluntarily release, forever discharge, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Laserscape from any and all
    claims, demands, or causes of action, which are in any way connected with participation in
    Laserscape’s activity or use of Laserscape’s equipment or facilities, including any such claims which
    allege negligent acts or omissions of Laserscape.
  • Any participant’s failure to comply with any condition contained in this release or any direction of
    Laserscape staff may require the participant to cease participation and be required to leave
    Laserscape property.